Our Pricing

Renault Trafic Base:

  • RG 500 (SWB elevating roof)  From £49,950
  • RG 540 (LWB elevating roof)  From £51,950
  • RG 500 High Top (SWB) From £51,950

The above pricing is for a full conversion to a brand new van in the basic Business trim level (130 hp). New vans are 'factory orders' to your specification. Renault optional equipment is very good value and we find that customers usually spend a little more for metallic paint, air conditioning, and satellite navigation - not only to enhance their own experience but to maximise re-sale values. The latest generation of the Trafic is available with a very comprehensive list of driver assistance aids. The better equipped Sport trim levels start at £3,000 more than the Business models (130hp engine), and Automatics also start at £3,000 more (this is on the Businesss Plus model which includes air-con and 150hp engine.) The Sport trim level is only available on the standard roof Trafic but High Roof vans can be ordered to a very similar specification by adding optional equipment. Regrettably, The Automatic option is not available on the High Top Trafic. All new Trafics now include cruise control as standard.

The price difference between the high top and elevating roof Trafic is explained by the additional cost of having a more powerful (150hp) engine as standard.

Ford Transit Custom Base:

  • RG 500 High Top  From £53,950

We use the Transit Custom in Trend specification which includes air conditioning.

The Transit Custom is available with Automatic transmission on all variants at an additional cost of £2,500.

All prices quoted are 'on the road' and inclusive of VAT

Conversion Only Prices

If you are supplying your own van the costs for a full conversion are:

  • Renault Trafic SWB  £18,450 (High Top or Elevating Roof)   £19,450 LWB (Elevating Roof)
  • Ford Transit Custom SWB £19,650 (High Top)

Conversion only prices assume a standard panel van is supplied and include glazing and replacement of the passenger double cab seat with a single.

Conversion Optional Equipment

  • Webasto or MV 2kW blown air heater- £950
  • Roof bed/mattress/ladder (elevating roof) - £600
  • Solar panel 100w, MPPT regulator - £475
  • 120Ah AGM battery (110Ah FLA standard fit) - £130
  • 100Ah LiFe battery (110Ah FLA standard fit) - £500
  • Outdoor shower (cold water) - £125
  • 3/4 panel (galley) window - £250
  • Waste tank, manual drain valve - £120
  • Waste tank, electric drain valve - £190
  • Fiamma F45 Awning - £695
  • Microwave Oven (240v) - £150
  • Drivelodge Extra high roof, Transit Custom only - £1500
  • Seitz Motorhome double glazing, Trafic only - £850
  • Sky Lounge, Trafic High Roof only - £1950

Prices are correct as of 01-10-2022. In the current volatile economic situation they may alter with greater frequency than in previous times.

The ordering process for a Greenline camper

We discuss fully your needs and intended use for your camper so we can build the van that is best suited to you. We then send you a written fixed price quote for your approval, this would only alter if you decide to add further equipment to the conversion during the build. In line with most other bespoke converters we operate a staged payment process.

Conversion only vans:

If you are supplying us with your own van for conversion then we ask for a £5,000 deposit when you place your order, the balance is due upon collection of the completed conversion. Please make sure the fuel tank is no more than 1/8 full when bringing us your van as we need to lower the tank to bolt the rear seats in place!

We source a used van for you:

We discuss the base vehicle you require then we search sites such as Autotrader to find a suitable van. If, and only if, you approve of the van, we will negotiate the best price for you. You will need to pay for the van at the time of purchase, the receipt and logbook will be made out in your name as proof of ownership. If you prefer to source your own van we have some helpful notes to assist you in finding a better than average van. If you are sourcing your own van please keep us in the loop so we can advise on its suitability for our conversion. In addition to paying for the van, a £5,000 initial payment is required at the start of the conversion.

We supply a new van:

If we are building on a brand new van we require a sum equivalent to 20% of its list price when we place the order with the dealer, this sum is transferred to the dealer to enable them to place the order with the factory. When the dealer receives the van from the factory the balance for the van is payable before the van can be released to us for conversion, this is in the region of £25,000 - £30,000. A receipt is given to make clear that you are the legal owner of the van. This sum will also include a £5,000 initial payment for the conversion, the balance is due on completion of the conversion.

We can usually order a new van at a better price than you as a private customer as we receive fleet terms which we pass on to our customers. However, if you wish to order your own new van, perhaps for finance reasons, please let us speak with the dealer you are ordering with to make sure the correct glazing and other options are ordered. The balance for the conversion is due upon collection of the completed conversion.

We are happy to send you regular updates and photos as the conversion progresses.