Green Line Leisure Vehicles

The Greenline Difference

Here at Greenline Leisure Vehicles we specialise in rear galley conversions to the Renault Trafic and Ford Transit Custom. Our rear galley design is currently the only layout we offer and this allows us to continually refine its design and production to further add to its practicality. We make no claims to build large quantities of vans every month, quite the opposite! We build a small number of vans each year and this ensures we can maintain high quality standards and have the time to give you a personal service before you place your order, during the conversion and during the years you own your camper. We pride ourselves on having old fashioned values that lead to our customers becoming our friends!

A major advantage of the rear galley design is that the galley area including the storage cupboards remain fully accessible with the beds set up. Breakfast in bed anyone, perhaps? Likewise the cassette toilet is within easy reach should it be needed during the night. The rear travel seats - which are our own design and key to the success of the layout, fold easily to give a pair of flat and comfortable single beds. The backrest cushion that turns one of the beds into the side facing sofa, can also be placed between the two single beds to form a partial double bed that is the entire width of the van.

Our rear galley layout is available on the Renault Trafic 2014 on (and the Vauxhall Vivaro 2014 -2019, Nissan NV300 and Fiat Talento which are identical) as either an elevating roof (pop top) or fixed high roof. It is also available on the Ford Transit Custom as a fixed high roof using Ford's standard high roof van which gives an internal headroom of 5'10", or with an aftermarket high roof to give 6'2"headroom which is a comparable height to Renault's factory high top. The high roof conversion offers increased storage over the elevating roof van, the extra lockers in the roof space are particularly suited to storing light and bulky items such as bedding and clothes. The short wheelbase (SWB) versions of both these vans are 5 metres long, hence our designation of RG500. The Ford is 80mm wider than the Renault.

The dimensions of our SWB high top vans are very similar to those of the Berlingo based Romahome, the same length and very slightly wider and taller. Indeed, a number of our customers are former Romahome owners and they comment favourably on the better ride quality and more spacious interior our conversions offer.

We also offer an elevating roof conversion to the long wheelbase (LWB) Trafic which offers additional  cupboards and drawers to give a storage capacity on a par with the SWB high top. A roof bed can be fitted to both the SWB and LWB elevating roof Trafic to allow sleeping accommodation for a family of four. We can build an elevating roof version of the Transit Custom but the side facing sofa is short on head room due the construction of the low roof Custom.

The Trafic and the Transit Custom are the only vans that our layout fits into as a fully functioning design, it simply does not work in other vans of a similar size without compromising our design, therefore we only offer conversions to these two vans!

Key Features

  • 4 belted travel seats.
  • 2 single berths, 6'2 and 6'4" long  2' wide (plus additional  'wing room'), convertible to a partial double that is 5' 4" wide!
  • Side facing sofa.
  • Swivelling cab seats with foot rests.
  • Lined and insulated bodyshell, practical, easy to clean cushion flooring.
  • Lightweight ply cabinet work with oak finish, choice of finishes for doors.
  • Black out window curtains, opening side windows, thermal cab window blinds.
  • High quality Sargent motorhome electrical system with mains, 12v and USB sockets
  • Quality 110Ah lead acid leisure battery  with mains hook up charging and voltage gauge
  • Two burner hob and grill unit with optional gas oven or microwave.
  • Inboard water tank to resist freezing, 30 litre (Renault) 36 litre (Ford), water level gauge, cold water system
  • Our unique design slide out Thetford Cassette toilet with integral flush water tank and easily accessed cassette.
  • Easily accessible gas locker to take up to 6kg propane bottle
  • 50 litre 12v/240v compressor fridge, with freezing compartment, located at a convenient height
  • Two year conversion warranty, owners handbook, full handover to explain operations